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2020 Senior Soaring Championship - So Close

The Seniors is still running with a slightly reduced field. After a successful launch, the day did not look like the previous 5 days. Cu were forming but a mid deck of clouds was moving in from the East.  Climbs were 3 knots to 3,200ft but as the task opening time approached, the mid deck covered much of the task area. Since the next few days of weather are forecasted to be good, the CD decided that it would not be a fair day and cancelled the task. 

We had a dinner in the DG hangar (main hangar at Seminole-Lake) that was very well attended. Of course we took major precautions to disinfect tables, chairs, servers wore gloves and your plate/utensils were given to you. During the dinner we asked all the participants if they wanted to cancel our dinner on Wednesday. It was overwhelming positive so we will continue to do the dinners on site. The awards banquet for Friday is an unknown right now. The Orange Lake Golf Resort has been working to make sure the precautions we take with dinners on site, will be mirrored by their staff. We did go from a buffet to a plated dinner. We are also asking if we can have the dinner on site where we have more control over the environment.  Stay tuned for more results. Tomo is a rest day for us Irish so we will fly again on Wednesday. 

Posted: 3/16/2020


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