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2020 Senior Soaring Championship - A Fine Day to Start

First, I would like to say sorry for the delay of the practice day results.  As any of my fellow contest managers can attest to, the first day of the contest is hectic.  However, if you saw the smiles of the pilots returning from their flights, it was worth it.  Trailers had been coming in for a couple of weeks now.  We had to open trailer parking up early because of the large number of early arrivals.  Ken Goshorn got all the grass mowed in time for everyone.  Karen did an outstanding setting out flowers, new grass, making the entrance much better than it has been in a while.  Chris Carter did a great job in registration and preparing to take over CM duties while I get to go fly.  We were also happy that 1E joined us again.  Don Wasness is the only pilot that have attended all 30 Senior Soaring Championships, and he won the first one.  

The practice day started a little slow but soon 49 ships were in the air.  The start gate was open on a 2:45 min TAT that sent the pilots to Winter Haven, Streamsong (a great golf course in Central Florida), Wines, Gore, CFI Plant and Finish.  John Seaborn, fresh off his win at the 18 Meter Nationals, continued his impressive flying by turning in a respectable 71.20 mph raw/61.59 handicap speed over 198mi.  Second was Fernando Silva in his ship that is so new, it hasn't had all the plastic wrap taken off from the factory.  Jake Alspaugh finished in third.  All in all a great day with more fine weather on the horizon.

Posted: 3/13/2020


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