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2019 Region 4 South - Contest Day 1 Monday 9/16/2019

Contest Day 1 – Monday 9/16/2019

The thunderstorm on Sunday evening kept the crowd under the pavilion while it rained one inch in about 45 minutes.  Nowhere else to go.  It did help with the drought conditions and the field was noticeably greener on Monday morning but there was no residual moisture.   The forecast for Monday was a great one.  Thermals forecast to 9000 ft. with no significant wind.   The task called was Mountain Lake (think Dirty Dancing), Ingalls Field, Wits End and Eagle Rock.   Minimum distance was 89 miles with a maximum of 287 and a minimum time of 3 hours.   Thermals were reported be 9500 mls and that was not the top.   It was a great soaring day at New Castle.  John Murray (LX) won the 18M with a speed of 66.29 and 201.77 miles.  Karl Striedieck (KS) won the handicapped 15 meter with a speed of 65.72 (57.7 handicapped) and a distance of 199.34 (175.02 handicapped).  The maximum distance flow was a little over 206 miles.   It should be noted that Jared Granzow (WR) had his first contest finish.  He picked the best possible day for that.   Everyone got home and we capped off the day with a German dinner of Bratwurst, Knockwurst, Sauerkraut, Potato Salad and German Chocolate Cake.   Wish you were here.

Posted: 9/16/2019


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