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2019 Standard and Sports Class Nationals - More Volunteer Appreciation

More appreciation to all our wonderful club members and the success of the Nationals

It's hard for me to remember to thank everyone that helped with the contest. Dozens of folks stepped up and did their part.

The Women's US Team Spaghetti dinner crew also included JoAnne Pedersen, MaryBeth McManus, Harolyn Burns, and Kate Kreiner. Thanks to Lucy McKosky for thinking of this and promoting the dinner. We will be donating over $1000 to the team!

John and Linda Murray transported the scales to the club from Hobbs, New Mexico. Saving us the hassle of shipping and crating. Steve Statkus is making crates to send them back.

One of our Boy Scouts that camped out at the field, Joe Pomeroy, contacted me to volunteer. After I had him sign the waiver he was hustling around like a pro and considering joining the club.

One evening at precisely 5 pm there was a loud BANG! in the kitchen. The large shelf with all that glass on it over the sink decided to make a short field landing on the floor. Folks that witnessed it were Jake Alspaugh and Peter Scarpelli and other contestants hanging out at the clubhouse. Their privilege positions at the club didn't preclude them from rolling up their sleeves and cleaning up the mess. The next day, Jake, an experienced home builder, had the shackling out and fixed the holes in the drywall. By the end of the contest the shelf was back up and firmly attached to the studs.

And we can even thank our contestants for reminding us what a wonder facility we have and the rich history of the region. Peter Sarpelli, CV, was especially interested in the Underground Railroad history of the region. All along the Ohio River there are crossing points and many continue through Lebanon and Waynesville.

Joe Jackson has prepared the club for our next water contest. Unfortunately we decided not to load water in the Standard Class so the extra hose, water pump and manifolds will be brand new next time.

Photography is another thing that makes a contest and again we have our contestant's crew Bo Michaleowski to thank for some great photos. Gerry Daughtery, Andrew Dignan, Steve Statkus and others have also sent in their best shots for consideration to be included with the article. Deadline is Sept. 16 to send the article in. You can see them all here https://tinyurl.com/y6x9ssux.

In the gallery is a group photo of the contestants, John, Steve & I, by Bo Michalowski. When I was competing in the 1-26 Championships in Moriarty, New Mexico last May, one of the safety talks was about landing in crop circles. Daniel Nezgoda 225, gave the group a tip. Always stasch a farmer's hat in you turtle deck. Putting it on before the irate farmer is getting ready to give you an earful about his crop damage, will go a long way to smooth over the edges. So I encourage the contestants to bone up on their farmer speak and one of them suggest we dirty them up a bit. Daniel went on to win the contest. Read more about it in my SOARING article in October. L to R: Mike Shakman SH, John Lubon JL, Ron Ridenour MT, Peter Scarpelli CA, Roman Michalowski U, Glenn Betzoldt W, Dan Reagan DR, Mike Smith XM, Steve Stakus 242, Joe Jackson FT, Henry Retting R, Chuck Lohre 6V, Hank Nixon OH, Jake Alspaugh 2P, Clay Monroe 24, Rolf Hegele OS, Don Kroesch DK, Tom Holloran TH and Chip Bearden JB.

I know I've forgotten someone, so get in touch and we'll add your story to the saga.

Chuck Lohre, Contest Manager

Posted: 9/8/2019


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