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2019 Standard and Sports Class Nationals - Volunteer Appreciation

Subject: Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help with the 2019 Standard and Sports Class Nationals

Hi All Our Great Volunteers,

The contest is over and it was a real nail bitter right down to the finish. Five months of planning went into the event and with the change in dates there was a lot of anguish over meeting the rules of 
competition to make both classes be official contests. First we needed eight contestants and then they all had to get at least 40% of the winner's score. Their will be more about that in the SOARING article but today I want to thank our volunteers.

A contest needs several key individuals to make them work. First a Contest Director needs to know the conditions and the rules, John Lubon did a difficult job, perfectly.

Second, the Contest Manager needs to plan everything else, or at least line up others to help. Planning-A-Head made the job easier with the help of Google Drive. Otis Lewis was a big help, taking charge of prepping for the grid and assistant Contest Manager. Andrew Dignan helped with many details and even designed the t-shirts (a few are still for sale for $15).

The most leg long job at the event is the Operations Director, of which my Ace-In-The-Hole, Greg Crook, couldn't make the later date. Thanks to Brian Stoops, Poul Pederson, Dan Miner, Bill Hall, Charlie Maxwell, and Tony Rein for volunteering to be on the Operations Directors team.

Launching was the toughest team to fill. Jim Dudley realized that there was a leadership vacuum and filled it. Planning, practicing and doing a launch is the most difficult and dangerous job during a contest. The launch team was filled out by Eran Moscona, Andrew Stryker, Mark Hanlon, 
Joe Pomeroy, Gerry Daugherty, Chris Summers, Ethan Saladin, Steve Status (who also heads up weighing, record keeping and reporter duties), Rich Cedar, Pete Schradin, Laviniu Tirca, Sami Rintalas, Luke Rintalas, Al Dunn, Joe Jaap, Booker Atkins, Don Burns (our sniffer), Mike Karraker 
(who also handled the club house maintenance and beer duties), Bill Clawson, Dave Rawson, Steve and Lucas Hoffman. We didn't fly everyday, but we have volunteers lined up for every day and that's important rain or shine.

Retrieve management and carts were headed up by Harolyn Burns with the help of JoAnne Pedersen. Henry Meyerrose, Charlie DeBerry and Rich Caraway ran the retrieve carts to clear the field of returning birds.

The dinners were very well received and couldn't have happened with out Lucy Anne McKosky, Maury Drummy, Carol Carraway, Laure Ecke, JoAnne Pedersen, MaryBeth McManus, Harolyn Burns, and Kate Kreiner. Tom McDonald got us some wonderful musicians to entertain us for dinner.

Guy Byers was the scorer. His automation helped get the scores up almost instantly.

Tim Christman did his magic with the towing duties and enlisted the help of Don Green, Manfred Mauer, Dick Eckels, Dick Scheper, Norb Mauer, Haskell Simpkins, Jim Goebel, Ron Blume, Tim Morris, John Armor, Bob Miller, Larry Kirkbride, CR Gillespie, Guy Byars and Andrew Swanson.

The back end work starts now for our accountant, Rolf Hegele.

And to wrap things up, thanks to everyone at the club for putting up with the disruption of activities and Keith Kilpatrick for heading up the facilities, for which we never stop getting compliments.

Thanks again and enjoy the Fall soaring season!

Chuck Lohre, Contest Manager

Sorry if I missed someone, drop me a note and we'll update this letter 
to the club for including in the Frequent Flyer.

Posted: 9/1/2019


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