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2019 Standard and Sports Class Nationals - 8/30/19 CONTEST ALMOST DAY


All hands were on deck for the 10:00 am pilot’s meeting. We sat as usual on the patio but today we sat under high cirrus clouds. Gone was the blue sky of the previous two days. There were some long faces staring back at CD John as he tried to spin the weather report into something hopeful. That was pretty much a wasted effort once he handed out the task sheet. It was a 2 hour TAT with a minimum distance of 49.91 miles and a maximum of 118.76 miles. Most turn points were hard surface airports. There was not Task B or Dump Task. It was this or nothing. Turned out, it was nothing, but not before the fleet sat in the sun and cooked for two hours while three sniffers tried their best to stay up. One sniffer was CD John who demonstrated his ability to stay aloft in zero sink for two plus hours. We had 1.5 inches of rain in one hour.

Yesterday’s winners in the Standard Class were Tom Holloran flying 70.27 miles at 35.38 mph. He remains in first place overall with 3001 points. Second was Chip Bearden flying 63.91 miles at 30.40 mph. Chip’s overall point total is 2687. In third place is Henry Nixon flying 47.45 miles, no speed score. He’s in third place overall with 2686 points. One point separates 2nd and 3rd place. Dan Kroesch is in 4th overall with 2453 points, so a good score in the next day’s race might move Dan up into the medal positions.

For the Sports Class, Jake Alspaugh came home the day’s winner flying 117.72 miles at 44.91 mph. Jake’s in 7th place overall with 2367 points. Number two was Mike Smith flying 105.78 miles at 39.68 mph. Mike holds first place overall with 3238 points. Peter Scarpelli came in 3rd flying 97.83 miles at 38.20 mph. In third place overall is Dan Reagan flying in his first contest. Dan’s flying a ASH-31Mi and his overall score is 2865 points.

We really need to get in one more day of racing and I know CD John wanted that to be today. He can’t be faulted for trying.

Steve Statkus

Posted: 8/30/2019


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