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2019 Standard and Sports Class Nationals - 8/29/2019 Contest Day 4, Evening Report

Day 4. Contest Results CCSC

     Today was destined to be a struggle, in spite of CD John’s up beat pitch at the 10 am meeting.  But it didn’t take Inspector Cleausou to determine CD John didn’t have the faith: he offered, Task A, TAT ( min distance 84.88 miles, Max 227.04), Back up Task B, TAT (Min 71.66 and max 189.24 miles) and a new Dump Task a MAT for 77.21 miles and 5 turn points.  Visuals for these tasks can be seen elsewhere on the SSA site.  Nothin ventured, nothin gained so the pilots left the briefing and headed for the gliders.
     We gridded as usual and sat under the wings for an hour waiting for a single cu to show up.  The sniffer, Don Burns took two tows to stick and struggled but eventually got out of ground effect enough for CD John to launch the fleet.  Six relights later the fleet struggled to stay aloft while CD John called the DEump Task for the Standard Class and modified the Task B to shorted it by increasing a turn point cylinder to 20 miles.  It was a great day to sit in the sun, enjoy the fresh breeze and wonder how life could get any better. 
     Yesterday’s results:  Standard class Day 3 winner and overall first place flyer is Tom Holoran (LS 8-15) with 2526 points.  He achieved this distinction by flying 187.76 miles at 60.84 mph.  Second place overall with 2453 points is Henry Nixon (ASW 28) who also wound up in second place for the day by flying 188.36 miles at 60.81 mph.  Third place over and for the day was Don Kroesch (Genesis II) with 2396 points overall.  Don flew 178.63 miles at 57.85 mph.
     In the Sports Class Peter Scarpelli (ASG 29-18) won the day flying 192.41 miles at 60.72 mph.  Peter sits in second place overall with 2489 points.  Second for the day was Jake Alspaugh (ASW 27) flying 151.56 miles at 50.53 mph.  Jake sits in 8 th place overall with 1515 points.  Third place for the day and in first place overall with 2496 points is Mike Smith (ASW 27) flying 193.16 miles at 59.33 mph.
     Note to self: This is not a 1-26 meet.  Sixty years of glider development has resulted in some incredible efficient flying pieces of art. If Orville and Wilbur could see these beauties they would be amazed.

Steve Statkus

Posted: 8/29/2019


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