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2019 Standard and Sports Class Nationals - 8/28/2019 Contest Day 3, Evening Report

8/28/2019 Contest Day 3, Evening Report

     Dawn broke to clear skies, high pressure and high hopes for 19 glider pilots at Caesar Creek.  The weather guessers were straddling the fence and depending on where you looked it became clear they were playing with different Ouija
boards.  Fortunately, CD John (always the optimist) wasn’t looking at a Ouija board. He stood tall at the 10 o’clock meeting and stated good soaring weather, high cloud base and cloud streets.  A big task was to follow and pilots were stoked.
     The task laid out was a 3 hour TAT, up and down wind (20 kts at altitude.). The task sheet can be seen elsewhere on the SSA racing site.  Minimum distance was 99.74 miles, and maximum was 277.71 miles.  We set the grid at noon and launched the first glider at 12:30.  Gates opened at 13:15 and 13:40.  One relight was needed and one land out occurred.  Gliders starting returning at 16:15 hours and beers were handed out at a steady rate for the next couple of hours.  It was a glorious day at the Farm.
     Results will be in tomorrows report.

Steve Statkus

Posted: 8/28/2019


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