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2019 Standard and Sports Class Nationals - 8/26/2019, Afternoon Report

National Sports & Standard Class Contest; Monday 8/26/2019
     The weather prognosticators were correct when they predicted rain showers all day. Temps in the low 60’s and tomorrow looks iffy, but Wed, Thur, and Friday look GREAT!
     Sunday’s Contest Day 2 (Unofficial) Results Standard Class:
Henry Nixon flew his ASW-28 a distance of 91.83 miles at 46.45 mph to take 1st place for the day.  
Day 1, Henry placed 5th.  Combining both days puts Henry in 4th place overall with a cumulative point value of 1479.
Second place was claimed by Henry Retting flying his Discus 2b for 90.19 miles at
a speed of 45.43 mph.  He’s been 2nd both days with a cumulative point value of 1535.
Third place went to Tom Holloran flying his LS-8-15 for 88.75 miles at 44.51 mph.  Tom’s
still in 1st place over all with 1551 points.
Sunday’s Contest Day 2 (Unofficial) Results, Sports Class:
Jake Alspaugh flying his ASW-27 logged the longest flight of the day in both classes at 97.80 miles and at the highest speed for the day in both classes at 49.21 mph.  That ASW-27 is either a speedster and/or Jake knows how to center a thermal and climb efficiently.   Jake’s currently in 9th place overall.
Ron Ridenour in his ASW-27 flew 93.19 miles at 46.95 mph to secure 2n place overall
with 1495 points.  He’s moved up from 3rd place on day 1. Unfortunately Ron's Mother-In-Law passed away yesterday and he left today to be with family. We wish Ron and his family well and thank him for his support.
Peter Scarpelli flying his ASW-29-18 took 3rd place for the day flying 94.63 miles at 47.39 mph.  He’s currently in 3rd place overall with 1489 points.
Steve Statkus

Posted: 8/26/2019


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