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2019 Standard and Sports Class Nationals - 8/25/2019 Contest Day 2, Late Evening Report

8/25/2019 Standard & Sports Class Nationals, Late Evening Report

    Weather this morning was cool (60’s) with a fresh breeze from the ENE.  But, we had some high Cirrus forming.  We gridded at noon, launched the sniffer at 12:30 and again at 13:00.  The fleet was launched at 13:30; Standard Class gate opened at 14:10 and Sports opened at 14:30.  The task was a 2:00 HR TAT (the dump task) that was chosen due to the marginal soaring and as you can see from the Task Sheet in the SSA web site in photos.  I’d suggest you look at this document to see what the pilots were dealing with.  Then put a wind arrow from ENE at 20 kts to determine the
challenge in marginal conditions., (It favored a quick return home if the lift disappeared.)  Everyone finished.

     Saturday’s results are in and official.  In the Standard Class, the winner was Tom Holloran flying his LS-8-15, 179.58 miles at 58.70 mph. Second was Henry Retting flying a Discus 2b, 185.31 miles at 57.11 mph.  Third was Don Kroesch flying a Genesis II, 171.86 miles at 54.41 mph.  First three places were not ASW/G birds.

     In the Sports Class, Mike Smith completed the course in 1st place flying his ASW-27, 186.61 miles at 59.94 mph.  Second was Peter Scarpelli in a ASG-29-18 flying 179.59 miles at 54.63 mph.  Third was Ron Ridenour flying his ASW-27, 177.55 miles at 53.31 mph.  First three places were all ASW/G birds.  In fact, the first eight places were all ASW/G birds except for Joe Jackson’s Ventus in 5th place.

     Looking at milage covered and speeds flown suggest a very closely contested event. But the choice of gliders chosen differ significantly between Standard and Spots Class.  I’m sure the contestants know why this is and it’s this Cub Reporter’s challenge to find out why.  (More on this in future posts.)

Steve Statkus

Posted: 8/25/2019


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