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2019 Region 10 Contest - Day 5 Aug 24 Report -Wrap UP

After a no contest day on August 23rd due to bad weather I was commited to try to finish off the competion with a challenging Task.  The early weather sources were not promising.  50 percent chance of rain on the pedestrian sites, TAF's showing rain by early afternoon at the surrounding airports and Skysight predicting soft conditions by early afternoon.  To hedge our bets the weather guesser and I developed three possible tasks with  2 posible task times each to give us the best chance of finishing up a great competion with one final task.  One task North, one task West and one task South.  Each task kept the contestant close to give them a chance to bail out if the weather went sour.

Task A, a three turn, 2 hour TAT with a nominal distance of 122 miles, Minimum 48 miles and Maximum of 198 miles was chosen.  A few close by showers caused some concern just prior to task openning but I stuck to the plan and both classes had task oppenings before 1 pm.  Every competitor finished the task but one who chose not to take a relight after landing back home after the launch.

In all we flew 7 days out of a possible 8 and everyone enjoyed the strong Texas Soaring conditions and southern hospitality.  Everyone was impressed with the organizational and Culinary skills of first time Contest Manager - Edy Hollenberg.

The final Banquet was phenomenal.  Catered by Titi's Cuisine.  Campanelles Bologna, Chicken Parmesan, Sogno salad, green beans, Titi's bread, Banana Cake.  Several pilots, who were planning an early exit, were over whelmed by the presentation and aroma of the culinary extravaganza.  They quickly sought out the CM to pay for a seat at the banquet table delaying their travel plans until the next morning. 

The trophy presentations were conducted after dinner.

Sports Class:

Third place - Leon Zeug

Second place - Tim MGowin

First place - Matt  Sorenson, flying in his first competion !

FAI Combined:

Third place - Al Tyler

Second place - Tony Smolder

First place - Mike Sorenson, his first FAI win !

We will see many of the same faces next year when the Soaring Club of Houston hosts the SPORTS CLASS NATIONALS - August 2-9, 2020.




Posted: 8/25/2019


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