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2019 Standard and Sports Class Nationals - 8/24/2019 Contest Day 1, Evening Report

8/24/2019 Standard & Sports Class National Contest CCSC, Daily Report Contest Day 1

Dawn broke to sever clear skies and good soaring prognostications for the next two days. Surface winds were expected to be 10 kts ENE but grew as the day progressed. Cloud base was 4K and expected to rise to 6 K MSL in the afternoon. Grid time was 12 noon at which time we launched two sniffers who reported 3 kts up at 4K AGL. This was enough good news to launch the fleet at 12-30 and all the birds were all up by 13-15.

The primary Task “A”, was a 3 hour TAT oriented pretty much cross wind as shown on the attached task sheet. A secondary task “B” was planed a bit more conservative and oriented north to south along the wind line. Task “A” was flown today and the results will appear in tomorrow’s daily report.

Yesterday’s practice task was flown by 13 pilots in marginal conditions. In the Sports Class Peter Scarpelli screamed around the course at a blistering speed of 28.27 mph for 68.5 miles. In the Standard Class Tom Holloran logged 53.74 miles (speeds might be classified as they were not reported by the scorer) around the course. For this effort Peter and Tom won a small bottle of Ohio Honey; maybe enough for one small pancake.

At this year’s 1-26 Contest pilots were turning in data loggers that resulted in speeds around the course of over 30 mph. Those Sports guys are really handicapped. I should have entered my 1-26.

Steve Statkus

Posted: 8/24/2019


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