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2019 Standard and Sports Class Nationals - 8/24/2019 Contest Day 1, Morning Report

Hi Race Fans,

It is a beautiful day to start the contest. It's 10:15 am and the thermals are starting to pop. A bit windy, so some areas will be more challenging. 

We had the Safety Meeting at 9 am and Pilot's Meeting at 10 am which didn't last too long. We expect an early start.

Task A is 3 hours:
26 Madison - 10 mile radius
15 Fayetter - 10 mile radius
13 Eaton - 15 mile radius

Minimum distance is 103 miles, maximum is 229 miles.

We wish all of our pilots the best of luck today.

Chuck Lohre, Contest manager

Posted: 8/24/2019


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