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2019 Standard and Sports Class Nationals - 8/23/2019 Practice Day 2, Evening Report

8/23/2019 Standard & Sports Class National Contest CCSC, Daily Report
     Practice Day 2 started at the 10:00 am meeting, (really at 6:00 am at my house) and
the weather report was not favorable but CD John Lubon added bright red lipstick to
the pig’s face and soon had all the pilots chomping at the bit to get launched.   The
task for the practice day is in the gallery and was considered pretty conservative con-
cidering the conditions.  Grid time was 12:00 noon and most all pilots were in place awaiting the 14:15 launch.   
     Due to the rain delay our teen age launchers were sitting in class which forced CM Chuck to select from the most mobile senior citizens to perform launch duties.  Fortunately, we found a UAL pilot who was bragging about his fitness and another newclub member who used to run track in high school (about 25 years ago.)  So we launched 13 gliders in 45 minutes (not an Olympic record) but good enough.  Tomorrow we’ll be launching about 20 gliders. 
     We’re expecting good soarable weather the next couple of days.
     For the balance of the contest, daily scores will be posted in the following day’s report.  This is because we’re using remote scoring and our scorer will be burning the midnight oil to provide the day’s results.  
    They will be available the morning of the following day.  Stay tuned.
    Starting tomorrow the report will include the previous day’s scores, the daily task sheet and interviews with the contestants as well as some of the previous day’s highlights: such as an explanation why a club member (Joe Jackson) landed out on a practice day.  Inquiring minds want to know.
That’s it from here.
Steve Statkus

Posted: 8/23/2019


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