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2019 Region 10 Contest - Day 2 Report

Day 2 at Region 10 was wild to say the least.  I called a 2.5 hour TAT for both classes.  Giddings, Fair Weather and Anderson.  Soon after the tasks started it became evident that weather was going to be a factor.  A very strong gust front came through the area about 1 1/2 hours after the task start.  TS1 wisely landed early just as the wind was picking up at SCOH.  HW came in shortly after but had to fly through heavy rain.  

A 15 mile safety finish was enacted at 3pm and 5 or so pilots took advantage of it.

In all 16 pilots landed out at 4 local airports and one landed just a mile from the home runway in a small field.  Many had wild landings dealing with gusty crosswinds but everyone was safe with no major damage to the ships.

All three tow planes were sent up to fetch the fallen gliders and 13  gliders were aero retrieved in about 2 1/2 hours.

Afterwards we all enjoyed a great "Shepard's Pie Dinner" prepared by Chris Dunning, our club Treasurer, and washed it down with copious amounts of Bombshell Blond Beer.




Posted: 8/21/2019


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