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2019 Region 10 Contest - Day 1 Day End Report

Today the contest got underway.  A three turn, three hour TAT was called:  Caldwell 15 mi radius, Round Top 12 radius, and back north of SCOH to Anderson with a 15 mile radius.  There was a risk of Thundershowers in the area by 5pm.  The launch started on time at 12:30 with 14 pilots on the grid.  3M came back for a relight and had a battery problem and could not compete.  Four other pilots missed the day due to attendance at the memorial service for our fellow glider pilot, Steven Coggins.

Most pilots started early and finishes started at 4:30.  Our last pilot landed at 5:15, just before the rain started.

Scores are posted with first place Sports class, Tim McGowin with a Handicap speed of 58 miles per hour.  FAI Combined class first place goes to Mike Sorenson with a Handicap speed of 58 miles per hour.

All pilots had a great day with good climbs up to 6k are are now looking forward to a feast of Green Chili enchilatas and "Bombshell Blond Beer"




Posted: 8/19/2019


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