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2019 Uvalde Invitational - Report for Contest Day 6 (Aug 10)

 On the last day of the Uvalde Invitational, we were greeted with a classic Uvalde morning sky full of low clouds, but one look at the sounding and weather sites told of a different afternoon to come.  Hot was the word of the day too with both Laredo and Cotulla forecast to hit 108 degrees.  As expected, the clouds almost completely dried up around Uvalde by 1pm with scattered cu visable in the southeast.  We set a three hour minimum AAT task to run the wind lines should there be streeting, with 25km around Callahan, 15km around Batesville and 30km around Cotulla.  

Everyone got high at the start and made a dead glide to Batesville before making contact with 7kt+ lift under small clouds.  From there the lift was mostly consistent under widely scattered clouds that went as high as 9300ft, where it was 64 degrees.  What looked like a difficult day turned into a fun ride.  

Keith Essex took the win at 134.69kph (83mph) with Dan Mockler second at 132.38 and Conrad Huffstutler third in the Arcus at 130.92kph.  

So ends the first Uvalde Invitational.  As organizers we learned a lot and will plan accordingly for next year.  As pilots, we had a great time flying the legendary skies of Uvalde and experimenting with different tasks and going for prize money.  As a family we were extremely saddened by Steven Coggin’s accident and we’ll learn from that going forward too.  In the infamous words of Charlie Spratt, See You At The Airport.

Posted: 8/10/2019


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