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2019 Uvalde Invitational - Report for Contest Day 2 (Aug 5)

Today looked more promising that yesterday and tomorrow looks even better if that can be true in the context of Dave Mockler’s report of a 10 knot thermal yesterday.


The call today was a 433 km (we are now going metric for FAI scoring) Bowtie task from Uvalde to Catarina, up to Eagle Pass, down to Cotulla and back to Uvalde. The gate opened about 13XX with a beautiful field of Cu’s developing to the south into the task area. Cloud base was over 5000 MSL at the start and quickly ramped up to over 8000 MSL. The first and third leg crossed an area that had received some rain and was softer than the rest of the course but still provided 4 to 5 knots in tightly wound thermals.


Turning Catarina for Eagle Pass showed a nice line of black-bottomed Cu’s directly on course line allowing most of us to make the 100 km leg in three quarters of an hour. The sky was clear and visibility great so we got a good view of Mexico and the Rio Grande river on the second leg. While none of the pilots reported seeing any of the “invasion”, a lot of us did get cell phone messages welcoming us to Mexico. Maybe the Mexican cell phone system is more powerful than the US like it was in the 70’s and 80’s radio stations (remember Casy Cassion?)


Leg three was cross streets and generally no problem and high speed but 3 or 4 of the pilots got low in the aforementioned soft area halfway to Cotulla. There are few better feelings in soaring than being in a good thermal at cloudbase and seeing a competitor in the dirt working up at 3 knots.


The turn area at Cotulla had several big Cu’s just waiting for us to climb up to final glide which is what most did as we started seeing the blowoff of a Tstorm in the northern task area that was going to affect the last 30 miles of our final glide. All in all it was relatively easy to make the final 134 km without a turn.  Another contest finish across a 50’ line capped off a great Uvalde task.



In the Uvalde Cup, Distance Dollars ($100 prize) went to Keith Essex for 486 km and Speed Dollars ($100 prize) went to David Mockler for 151 kph.

Posted: 8/5/2019


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