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2019 Uvalde Invitational - Report for Contest Day 1 (Aug 4)

Everyone elected not to fly yesterday due to poor conditions here associated with a low pressure weather mass that entered our task area. Fortunately we did not get any rain so the prospects look much better for today.

Today started with mid-level and high-level clouds with some isolated thunderstorms near ConCan and Del Rio. By noon the conditions were improving quickly with cu’s popping to the east. We initially set a 3 hour Turn Area Task to the west and southwest with a nominal distance of 245 miles but when high clouds lingered longer than forecast the task was changed to a 2.5 hour MAT.  The task was created with a start line so that we could score with both FAI and SSA rules followed by a finish line at the airport with a 50’ minimum height. This worked well for the last 2 years in Uvalde and is rapidly becoming the finish of choice here. At the grid meeting we announced a $100 cash prize for the longest flight and another $100 for the fastest flight.

As can often happen, things looked differently when we got the group in the air and the CD, Mark Keene, quickly revised the start cylinder and max altitude to work better with the day. The task opened at 3:35 pm which might be the latest we have ever opened a task in Uvalde. Nonetheless, the group struck out 15 miles to the east for the first mandatory turn at Sabinal and then spread out mostly to the south and southwest where the best clouds were forming. By 5 pm most everyone was running streets near the river which are also know as “Holighaus Strasse”. Klaus Holighaus flew an early contest in Uvalde in the late 1980’s and came home with a considerable margin of speed and distance over all the other competitor’s after finding the 100 mile long street between Laredo and Eagle Pass. Some of us were able to use some of the “Strasse” to advantage and put together a good performance. David Mockler reported a 10 knot thermal to over 9000 feet – not too bad! Even with a start near 4 pm we still had contest flights over 400KM!

Tomorrow looks better!


Posted: 8/4/2019


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