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2019 Region 3 - Contest Wrap Up

We had a fun time this week on Harris Hill! Got the most out of the weather cards we were dealt, thanks to our CD. Good food. Good friends.

Fresh off his exciting flight on Friday, Peter Scarpelli [CA] wins the 18m Class. And Team AC, Moe Acee and Gregg Leslie, are fighting over who gets to keep the Sports Class trophy.

HHSC put on a great contest. It was Summer Ops Office Manager Joanie Taylor’s first time out as CM and she did a fine job. She had a ton of support and encouragement these past months from many HHSC members. She acknowledged, in no particular order…Monty Sullivan, Tim Welles, Roy McMaster, Peter Smith, Dave Corcoran (Junior Advisor), Rob Whitcomb.

And here is the rest of crew who helped make the contest a success:

CD - John Seymour (with a temp assist from Jacquie Doherty and Chris Schrader in the afternoon when he just could not resist flying the tasks Sunday and Monday)

Scorer – Doug Martin (with an assist from Sandra Danoff when he had to miss a day)

Weather – Phil Chidekel

Towing – Haven Goulding, Guerry Howard, Phil Chidekel, Dave Graham, Mike Rought

Operations – Mark VanDyke and the HHSC Juniors

Advisors – Sean Murphy, Roy McMaster

Starts/Finishes – Peter Smith, Jacquie Doherty

Retrieve Office – Lori Barber, Deb Reitter

Meals – Michelle and Doug Harshbarger, Roy McMaster, M&H Soaring, Elsbeth Weissenbuehler

Awards – Lewis Olson, Mike Rought

Reports – Janine Acee

Photography – Bo Michalowski

Turnpoint Maps – Roy McMaster

String Board Update – HHSC Juniors

Tow Ropes and Tow Plane Maintenance – Corky Gill


Thanks everyone! See you in Dansville next year and back on the Hill in 2021!


Posted: 7/20/2019


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