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2019 Region 3 - Saturday - No Contest Day


High clouds are blocking the necessary heating. Two sniffers were sent up at 1345 but they found less than 1kt and bases are not high enough. The CD canceled the day at 1400 and R3 2019 is in the books.

More later...


"If you liked yesterday you will love today." We are still dealing with southwesterly flow and high temperatures, high dew points. Not as much energy for the big storms we experienced yesterday, so hopefully they will be few and scattered today. Possibility of a shower passing through early afternoon and better conditions behind it. The task will take pilots NW up the valley where there are plenty of safe, landable fields.

Grid time is noon and we shall see...



Both Classes: 2hr TAT

17-Hammondsport - 15mi

37-Westfield Crossing  - 18mi

Nom: 95mi, Min: 40mi, Max: 154mi

Posted: 7/20/2019


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