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2019 Region 3 - 18m Day 5 - Sports No Contest Day

UPDATE on 18m:

So the powers-that-be combed through the rules and determined which pilots made a valid attempt at the task. The result is the 18m Class has a Day 5.

Peter Scarpelli talked about his flight at the Saturday pilots meeting. With dark overdevelopment facing him on the way out, he decided to deviate to the right, using Corning-PaintedPost as the bail out if needed. Once he got high he decided to stay high and took whatever lift came his way. Thirty miles out, faced with a wall of water in the distance, he decided to turn back. By then rain cells were popping up all over the place, so he tip-toed around them, heading as far out as Bath to get around a cell that was over Corning at the time. Flying between two storms he met up with Bob Iuliano [B9] at Corning and they worked their way up to 4000ft to get back at the field literally minutes before the big rain hit. A most memorable flight!


We expected another weak day today. 1-2kts to 5000ft were forecast. The humidity was definitely up with temps in the low-90s with dew points in the mid-70s. Strong storms were a possibility later in the afternoon, so the task window was again short. An initial 2.5hr task was called, using the southern parts of the task area.

We gridded at 1215 and waited for the weather to go our way. Three sniffers were sent up a half hour later and when in short order they reported 2-3kt lift to 4000ft, the fleet was launched.

There was rapid cycling of clouds today and a stronger west wind than expected. Several pilots landed back at the field within an hour. By 1430 the Sports Class day was canceled and the 18m task was changed to a 1.5hr TAT to Westfield Crossing with a 25mi circle.

Peter Scarpelli [CA] was the only pilot to complete the task. As of Friday evening, we are not sure if the 18m Class has a contest day, so standby.

An awesome storm passed over the Hill just before 1600 and lasted for a good 10-15 minutes. A little thunder, no lightening, but an amazing amount of rain. I think we got an inch in that quarter hour alone. Two of the 18m pilots landed at the field just before the storm came through and they reported 9-10kts lift ahead of it.

The HHSC Juniors hosted a fundraising dinner and silent auction tonight at the Youth Camp. Whatever money they raised they have certainly earned with all their hard work this week!


Posted: 7/19/2019


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