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2019 Region 3 - Friday - Wx and Task - Updated


Several pilots have landed back at the field.

Sports Class day canceled.


18m task changed to 1.5 TAT and opened at 1430

37-Westfield Crossing - 25mi

Nom: 66mi, Min: 17mi, Max: 117mi


We are expecting another weak day with a short flying window due to possible blowups/storms later in the afternoon. The heat and humidity (temp mid-90s, dewpoint low 70s) is also factoring in to the CD's decision to keep the task a bit shorter. Forecast 1-2kts lift to 5000-5500ft.

Grid time 1215 although we probably will not launch right away.



Both Classes: 2.5hr TAT

27-Towanda - 20mi

6-Corning - 10mi

29-GrandCanyon - 20mi

Nom: 142mi, Min: 49mi, Max: 238mi

Posted: 7/19/2019


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