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2019 Region 3 - 18m Day 4 - Sports No Contest Day

We had a very short window to get a task in today. It took until early-mid afternoon before the low clouds burned off and bases were high enough to launch. With the remnants of TS Barry in PA and rain expected to the east of Harris Hill, the only viable options were to the northwest. Both classes were tasked with a 1.5hr TAT to Hammondsport (10mi) and Alfred (17mi).

We gridded at 1230 and began the wait for conditions to improve enough for a task attempt. Sniffers David McMaster [P] and Boris Kubrak [XA] were finally sent up a little before 1430 and not long after the entire fleet was launched.

After a bit, 18m advisor Sean Murphy [XC] was able to report 2kt thermals to 4300ft, so the task for 18m was opened at 1530. The Sports Class was second to take off. They never really “stuck” and there were several relights. SM canceled their task at 1550.

Conditions were weak as forecast, 1-2kts to 4000-4500ft, but the sky looked progressively better throughout the afternoon. Three of the 18m pilots completed the task, all with speeds in the 40s. Although he left later, was low most of the flight, and had to stop at Corning to get enough altitude to make final glide, Tim Welles [W3] eked out another day win with 43mph and retains first place overall.

M&H Soaring hosted appetizers and drinks at the Flight Center this evening. The highlight was Kai’s Keg, in memory of Kai Gertsen [KI].

The humidity is high and we have two hot hot hot days to go!


Posted: 7/18/2019


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