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2019 Region 11 FAI Class - First Contest Day

Again the soaring weather was forecast to be soft, but it looked possible to go east to the Pine Nut range and then north to Air Sailing. Task A included those points, but once in the air, those areas looked shaded by high clouds and doubtful. Task B had been a two turn point MAT with Air Sailing and Adams Peak required, but even this looked doubtful. The best soaring appeared to be to the north, and also the best chance of the fleet returning home. The CD changed the task in the air to a single turn point MAT, Adams Peak, 2 hour minimum with the expectation that it would wash out early.

The run north along the Verdi and Loyalton ridges was mostly blue and fairly routine, with gliders marking thermals. At Adams, there were clouds, and they were forming nicedly all to the north and west. The glide across the Sierra Valley to Adams brought everyone in high enough to connect, and heights were up to about 13,000 under the clouds. Now it was decision time: there was a close in turnpoint a little further north (Herlong), then the choice was either Susanville (much further north) or East Quincy (much further west). Most opted to head towards Herlong or Susanville, good clouds on the ridge marked the way. John Cochrane (BB) continued on to Spaulding and found it a bit slower, while most turned back figuring they had the 2 hours.

The glide back across the Sierra Valley to the Loyalton ridge left the gliders somewhat low, but it usually works there, and did: everyone made it back. The scorecard showed Noel Wade (98) on top at 76 mph raw speed, John Cochrane (BB) second, and Hal Woodruff (HW) third. 


-Jon Fitch (L6) 


Posted: 7/16/2019


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