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2019 Region 3 - New HHSC Visitor-Flight Center

The big news on the Hill this year is the brand new Visitor-Fight Center!

After 30+ years of heavy use it was definitely time to replace the first Visitor-Flight Center. Fundraising started in 2017 with a campaign led by Ed Funk. An impressive 70% of funding was raised among HHSC club members, which gave them strong leverage going to the Elmira/Corning business community and NY State for the additional 30%.

Design and planning took 16 months. A Morton building was chosen as they have a solid reputation for hangars at airport locations.

Demo of the old building began in September 2018, construction on the new building started in November 2018, and by mid-June 2019 occupancy was granted, just in time for the start of Summer Operations.

The design is a mix of upscale hangar-functional-industrial look. Total square footage-1750. The building functions as both a clubhouse and a visitor’s center. Features include in-floor heat, open kitchen, two bathrooms, shower for club members, AC in the office, and an upstairs landing and “crow’s nest”.

As you can imagine, this effort took an enormous amount of club members’ sweat equity. The volunteer team (and apologies in advance if anyone was missed): Interior framing, finishing and plumbing - Jamie McGuire; Overall support and cleaning - Roy McMaster; Overall support and painting - Haven Goulding; Fine woodwork - Mike Rought; Overall logistics and assistance, fireplace construction, masonry, truss staining, painting, exterior - Heinz Weissenbuehler Jr; Kerosene runners & overall help - Jake Barnes, Andy Brayer, Bryan Riegal; Overall help - Noah & Deb Reitter, Mark VanDyke and Lori Barber; Project manager and Design - Karin Schlosser.

Construction pictures can be found in the Flight Center Album on HHSC’s Facebook.

Donations to the building fund are always welcome. For more information contact: Karin@mandhsoaring.com

Congratulations HHSC! Your hard work has resulted in a beautiful building that will last for decades to come!


Posted: 7/17/2019


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