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2019 Region 3 - Contest Day 2

Today started out pleasantly cool and less windy than the day before. The forecast was similar to yesterday regarding thermals and cloudbase. A High moving eastward added the complication of southwesterly flow and high clouds moving in later in the afternoon.

Conditions were expected to be better to the west, so the task for both classes was set as a 3hr TAT to Mt Pisgah (10mi circle), Dansville (15mi), and Grand Canyon (20mi). There was some concern that the cirrus would move in early and kill the lift - thus the large circles - but that threat never materialized.

We gridded at 1130 and started the launch at noon to get the guys in the air as early as possible. Out on course thermals averaged 3kts and cloudbase got has high as 6000ft around Dansville and 7000ft around Grand Canyon. There were reports of little-no lift around the first turn and several guys got low east of Dansville.  Thermals were still a bit choppy but not as bad as yesterday. Overall the clouds were pretty honest and most pilots were happy with their flights.

In the 18m Class, Tim Welles [W3] takes first for the day with a speed of 61mph while Sean Murphy [XC] retains the overall lead.  In the Sports Class, Boris Kubrak wins the day with a raw speed of 45mph. Roman Michalowski was not far behind him and jumps to first overall.

With two solid flying days in the bag, we gathered tonight at the Youth Camp. The Luna Food Truck came down from Ithaca to serve up yummy burgers, pork sandwiches, mac-and-cheese and fries!


Posted: 7/15/2019


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