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Air Sailing Sports Class - Day 5 Finale

We launched into clear blue skies with a CD's “banquet task” briefed and set in concrete.  As the launch progressed, however, it became painfully obvious that the assigned “stay close” northerly task was not going to be a good finale to our contest.  A task change to the blossoming south was planned and was successfully passed to the contestants still on the runway and those already airborne. We opened the gate.  The contestants were off to the races and loving it.     

Last year's winner Aland Adams won the day with a very fast 97 mph (unhandicapped).   Zac Yamauchi finished 4th for the day, but maintained the lead he started the day with.  He became a First Time Contest Winner.  Congrats to the winner and a great group of contestants.  

Posted: 7/12/2019


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