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2019 Region 8 Contest - Day 4 Contest day 3

Very interesting meeting this morning. The weather is changing, but fortunately toward the better. The question is: shall we fly or shall we cancel?
If we cancel, surely the weather will be the very best soaring weather of the contest.
I we fly,  ...  ....
Grid time decision will be made at 11:30 with a note on the door, and then gridtme will be 12:00.

11:30   And they are getting ready to Launch to North. Expected Hi 72, WNW at 18 mph with clouds. Might even have some overdevelopment

13:30 All classes are launched. Task has been changed to 2hrs Min Tme, Waterville TP-1, and pilot TP selecton.

Posted: 6/20/2019


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