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2019 Region 8 Contest - Day 2

The race has started. All 29 ships are off. We expect more westerly winds with some cirrus this afternoon.

Task is 2.5 hrs: Mansfield, 20mi; Seven Bays, 20mi; Odessa, 15 m and home. 

Everybody got home. Sometime it helps if you have 2 flight recorders and batteries. 

Also, an intersting issue came up in the morning meeting.

Outlanding on roads in this area is not really an option, unless you really know that section of road. Landing in a plowed field is so much better, and we have lots of them. Why not roads? Because around here you either have a fence on both sides, or the road is slghtly below the level of the fields,   ... berms on both sides for your wing tips.

Motorglider taxing out between the east and west launch lines, to the front of the launch-line. Seems to lose control and ends up doing a full 360 after cutting the engine to idle. Fortunatly nothing was hit.  The Launch Crew realigns him to the takeoff position and off he goes. The pilot reports during the next day safety-meeting that had an uneventfull flight, but on landing he found out that he had no tailwheel control to get to the side of the runway. Turns out the linkage to the tailwheel was broken.
Moral of the story brought up by the pilot and the contest management: 1: Before every flight, check the tailwheel connection, (you can probably feel the spring-action with your rudder).   2: During any "strange" incident like this, the Launch Crew should pull the ship off-line for a thourough examination of the cause of the incident.

Posted: 6/18/2019


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