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Region 2 North - Day 4 Report

We ended R2N with a rain day that let Dads get home for Fathers Day.

Former manager and pilot,  Warren Cramer became a new Dad this morning. A Fathers day not to forget.

A couple of high points and some thanks.

5 pilots flew in their first contest, 3 in Sports and 2 with Hank in K21. Local line boy, Patrick Cernuto, flew his first cross country on practice day and got  80 miles. Not bad for a guy that soloed 3 weeks ago. Michelle Conklin got another day win with Hank in the back. She used thermal, ridge, and wave and came close to beating the guys in the other class.  Next year she enters by herself in JRS.

Rookie school had some new guys. All had fun and enjoyed daily mentoring by experienced pilots.  Gregg Ballou was the outstanding rookie pilot getting a second place on day 2 and finishing in the top half(a UH rookie school objective) in his 1-26. Well Done!

Boris Kubrak won his first contest in a close race with veteran Peter Scarpelli. He confessed that his secret was not thinking too much!

Contest manager Arlene DelPriore is out rookie of the year. She did a great job the first time out.

Thanks to veteran CD Jacquie Doherty for her usual great job.

Roman MIchalowski scored while also teaching wife Bo(our great photographer) how to score. What a team!

Erik Mann provided weather and Hank Nixon ran operations.   

We use this contest each year to bring new people in and get them going. All the newbies report they will be coming again.

See You at the Airport


Posted: 6/16/2019


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