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2019 Club Class Nationals - Days 3 4

OK Racing Fans,

Day 3 was a rip roaring day. It was blue with cirrus approaching from the west. By the end of the launch we could see the Cirrus to the west. Based on this we throttled back to the B Task which was an Assigned Task to Norwich & Plevna and back to Sunflower through the Hutch VOR. The day ended up better than we expected as far as lift strength with 4 knot climbs to 6500 MSL. We had a big gaggle racing hard around the task and almost everyone crossed the finish line with lots of speed at 50' AGL within 10 minutes of each other. Even 16th place had a big smile on their face, it was a really fun day of flying.

Last night we had catered Fajita dinner at the new Soaring Center. 

Today dawned with a pretty marginal forecast featuring high cloud, semi-high winds, and generally weak lift forecast. However, there was a little hope from Sky Sight. Our weather guys including Walt in California were not too optimistic. We set a close in MAT that would get us minimum distance. The sniffer found just a little lift around 1 PM as a band of Cirrus moved over. We launched the first four and they hung in so the launch continued and the gate opened.

On task was pretty tricky with 20 mph winds out of the south and blue but the field made it around the assigned turnpoints and the fast pilots added on a few more. In the end we had 9 finishers and 6 landouts, all within 10 miles of Sunflower. 

We now have 4 valid competition days and tomorrow is looking like a nice soaring day too.

Posted: 6/11/2019


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