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2019 Club Class Nationals - Day 1

Good Morning Race Fans,

On the 6th we were greeted with overcast and rain so the day was called at the morning meeting. Separate groups toured the Strataca Salt Mine and the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson. Then a large portion of the contest got a private tour of the B-29 "Doc" in Wichita.

We had a great soaring day yesterday. Launch was started at 12:30 with a good sniffer report and Paul Sodamann and his ground crew launched the fleet with the help of four towplanes in 35 minutes. We are sporting an all Cessna tow fleet here with a 150 hp C-150, a 180 HP 172, a 235 HP 175, and a 182.

The task was a three hour TAT first to Lyons, then threaded between Quivera and Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Refuges to Great Bend, then up to Russell and back. Most pilots had a good run on the way out (including myself) but several struggled on the way back (including myself) as the cu thinned out with higher bases. 

We had two landouts. Brian Bird on the way out and Sylvia Grandstaff on the way back.

Mike Westbrook raced around at almost 65 mph raw to win the day with Tom Holloran right on his heels. There is a big wad of pilots behind them with 100 points separating 3rd through 13th. 

We should have weather to soar again today. As usual, keep track of us on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/usclubnats or keep an eye on here for the occasional report I have time to type up.


Posted: 6/8/2019


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