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2019 1-26 Association Championship - 2019 1-26 Championship, Day 9, Awards Breakfast

2019 1-26 Championship, Day 9, Awards Breakfast

The contestants gathered one more time to share a final meal and recognize their competitors.

Ridge Moreland presented a Framed Signed Appreciation Recognition Plaque to Daniel Sazhin and Daniel presented one to Ridge.

Spiffy Award – Kristin Farry 400

Low Performance Contest – 1st Place – Brian Price 4N

Yard Stick Award – Jonathan Leal – 482

Virginia M. Schweizer Competition Trophy 1-26 Woman Champion – Cathy Williams 392

Old Goat Award – Irn Jousma 609

Fastest Speed Award – Milt Moos 575

1-26 Team Winner Award – Grace and Perkins 634

2nd Place Team Winner – Steve Beer and Philip du Plessis

3rd Place Team Winner - Gus Johnson and Jonathan Leal 482

3rd Place Winner – Irn Jousma 609

2nd Place Winner – Cathy Williams 392

1st Place Winner – Daniel Nezgoda 225

Chuck Lohre



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Posted: 6/7/2019


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