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2019 Low Performance Contest - 2019 Low Performance Contest, Day 6, Pilots Meeting Video Transcriptions

2019 Low Performance Contest, Day 6, Pilots’ Meeting Video Transcriptions

Operations Report and Winners’ Reports

Daniel Sazhin:

We will fly today. Grid time is 11:30. First launch 11:45. Day three in the grid sheet and with that I'll hand it over to Ridge for contest announcements, then we'll go to the winners. 

Ridge Moreland:
Okay. 6:00PM dinner tonight. 6:00PM dinner. 18:00, I like to hear that better. At the museum, not here. Not here, museum. Come on over at 6:00PM. 

Low Performance Winner

We have an interesting situation in this contest stage right now... Put it that way. A gentleman has created an interesting situation. I'm gonna say he created it so to speak. On the low performance side. All right, he has effectively scared off, run off everybody else in the low performance contest. And he's gonna still fly. He is however, I think the group would advise him, that you are not invited to fly 1-26 at any other further contest. Because! we can't have a one ship contest. Laughter.

My name is Brian Price, 4N, incidentally, and I started out in like sixth place and every day as somebody else left, I advanced.  Now, I’m in first place. It doesn't count... It doesn't count for anything so what the heck.

Solo 1-26 Winner

JimBob Slocum:

Moriarty did not disappoint from the wild ride. Looked like we weren't getting started and then we got started and things started cooking. Winds 220 degrees and 20 to 25 knots. Made for, what are we gonna do? We got a really fortuitous start. It was north. Just outside the circle. Pretty much, I don't think there was a cloud base to be had then but I was thirteen or fourteen and drifted out to the circle and called to start I nipped back in and out and headed toward Biplane Ranch. I really kinda wanted to get to Estancia but it just wasn't looking that great, and I thought if we could get on top of the mountains it would be perfect except for that 220 degrees at 20 knots just really... you couldn't go near the ridge. Well I ran into Irn, near Biplane Ranch, and we just kinda hop, skipped, trying thermal, really couldn't get anything, got kinda low but got Biplane Ranch and Irn turned taking off towards Tajique and I said well I'm not gonna let him getaway.

So I followed him for a while, and I said well I'm gonna let him get away, and I just turned around and by that time I couldn't make it back to Moriarty. I was able to kinda skip along a little bit down to about fifteen hundred feet near Dan's crop circle and that became my outlet but sure in heck I caught an eight-knot thermal right there, and I drifted north a good eight miles. Got up to fifteen or so. So, with that wind I figured the best strategy is try to go back and forth crosswind rather than try to head into the wind or head north which would have been easy but you couldn't get back. So, I went to Sandia East, doing well, I wasn't really going down. I was just kinda surfing and picked the next turn point farther down the freeway which was Sandia Hills. Kinda surfed there, was heading back to Moriarty just for a little safety valve. 

Headed to sod farm just to get an extra couple of miles in case I fell out. Had a big strong thermal on a big long cloud stream. Went up and I said I was down to forty minutes left and I said well I'll go to Mackintosh trip. I'll be able to make it there against the wind and then make it back with probably fifteen minutes to spare. Well I got to Mackintosh and I wasn't going down and I was looking at Estancia as a cloud street I knew that I thermaled I couldn't make it there and back in time in two hours and thirty minutes so I just kept kinda surfing along and I gained 1000 feet just straight and level doing about 35 knots on the ground. I started thinking about that ice-cold moonshine in the thermal mug!

So I just started going faster and then I lost that 1000 feet and hit Estancia and of course when I turned around at 25 knots on the tail. Then sure as heck that happened and I just came hauling back and I was watching my clock, and watchin the clock and went around the back side and got a backside finish at about 2 hours and 28 minutes. So, it turned out perfect. I was so happy I had to do the dance... a boom shakalaka I'm so happy yeah. (Happy Dance)

Team Winner


Thank you, thank you. Well I had a challenging flight as many of you did yesterday. The winds were... I found really strong, it was really hard getting anywhere but I ended up drifting with the wind and I saw this Jim Bob very low over the crop circle thermaling out and I couldn't believe he was pulling it out. I was thousands of feet above him, so I figured I would just keep an eye on him and next thing I know he's above me but that's beside the point and we flew to Sandia East kinda together, hit that turn point and then I battled my way back into the wind to try to get home at least in the safe area. I managed to get home and climbed out over the airport

I had a real nice thermal there and flew down to mackintosh and I never really connected with the streaks that people were talking about but here was real nice lift pretty much everywhere. Had a nice flight, nice landing, I did land before I saw this big black thing that Daniel was talking about developing there and I said yep that's gonna be a problem. So, I elected an early landing and came back to the airport, plenty of altitude and got into the pattern and landed uneventfully. So, its a nice, nice flight.

Weather, Bill Hill

Start here at about 11:30 or so. You can see that although the height of the clouds are looking pretty good, it would appear ... Again, this is a forecast, keep that in mind.

That's not where I want to be. Here we are.

That there's clearly going to be over development, there'll be a storm developing right here at Edgewood.

Let's look at the cape and storms. Same timeframe. You can see there's clearly over development right over the Moriarty Airport but it's still quite soarable.

As we move up to 2:00 or there abouts, you can see that SkySight seems to think that we're going to have a lot of storms around the area. Although height of the thermals are still looking pretty good but you can see a clearly defined line down through here by 2:00 in the afternoon. Although the range is not that ... It's not that apparent that it's going to be that much rain associated with this.

Again, the winds are still out of the south. At 16,000 feet they're 190 at 16. At 180 they are 230 at 20. We're continuing with that south component. Basically, we have a big low out to the west of Albuquerque and a high out in Texas, which are both funneling moisture up from the Gulf.

Okay. Having said that, the early markers that we had yesterday, i.e. the clouds forming along the Manzanos, which generates its own little micro sheer line, if you will, are not there today. I'm thinking that SkySight is being a bit pessimistic about all of this. I think it's going to be a better day than forecast but I'm taking a page from Daniel's playbook. That is to say, put me in a room full of horse shit and I'll be in there digging for a pony.

Having said that, I think that the idea of staging early and being ready to go in case things do go as forecast is the smart move. We can always move things back. We can always modify the tests accordingly but I think you're going to get a better day in today than you had yesterday. The trend seems to be, although SkySight doesn't see it quite that way, that I think the atmosphere is drying out a little bit so we should have a pretty good day.


Daniel Sazhin:

We're going to give it a go. 

We're using a Day Three grid. We are launching off of runway 26 unless there is a strong reason to change the launch direction, which we don't see right now. 

As a reminder, here are the frequencies to use, 122.9 for takeoff, gate open and landing.

One announcement, right here is, please avoid putting your cars on the ramp. That interferes with other traffic. And for your... when you are gridding, get your buyer over to your designated spot and then get the car off. That basically... the rise to avoid putting the vehicles on the ramp to the extent possible. 

It seems you all, this last few days, you guys did a good job. And the task, which is only one task today, we have a short task for an hour of Task A, it’s a turnpoint task.

As a reminder there's no maximum start rate or minimum finish rate in the 1-26 rules and the minimum distance is 32 miles. 

We're also going to have a backup task, just like yesterday, which is... we'll call Task Delta. It's the same deal as with yesterday with... that except the maximum time of day is two hours and maximum five turnpoints. Same start and finish as yesterday.

Here's a task for a date 006 Start, Lucy, then third point and then and we think that the conditions will develop to the south and east first and will eventually overdevelop but that's... we'll give you the option to be able to run the line south and then head back and back and forth. And if we get up there and we look and see that the conditions are not completely developing the way we expect them to or because of a promise of a we'll shift over to Task C. 

And with that I will see you on the grid at eleven thirty, exactly an hour from now. 

Chuck Lohre



Google Drive for task and info tinyurl.com/126Champs

SSA Facebook page for videos of meetings and grid interviews

Posted: 6/5/2019


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