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2019 Low Performance Contest - 2019 Low Performance Contest, Day 2

Operations Report

Daniel Sazhin:

Good Morning.

Welcome to Contest Day 2 of the 1-26 championship.

Yesterday, we did not get a day in, thanks to the pesky storms in our area, though we made a very valiant attempt.

As a result, we do not have any scores, because we never got the gate open. But today, it looks like we ought to get a day in. It looks like a nice day, and I'll deal with some challenges, but we'll make every effort to get you guys up there in the air, and on your way, and enjoy the Moriarty weather.

You will fly today. As a reminder, the contest materials are on the site, listed up there. That's where I'll put up the task sheet, afterwards, in case you lose your sheet.

For today, for now, we will put the grid time on hold, because there's a prediction of a little thunderstorm. A little shower that's going to roll on through, right over Moriarty, right about the time that we would normally have grid time. Bill is keeping an eye on that for now, and if we have any reason to change this over the course of the meeting, we will, but for now, what we're going to do is, we're going to put the grid time on hold. We're going to meet at the club hangar at 11:30, to give you an updated grid time.

Speaker 1:
It's going to be pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday's as far as cloud bases and lift strengths and turbulence go. The reason I started with rain is because this is the reason, we're delaying the grid, because this little guy right here. So, let's move this up to 1:00 and see what happens. Oh, by golly, he's gone! And that's why we're gridding kind of late. 


Bill Hill:

Now if we go a little further into storms, you see that all the way up through 4:00. Where the best soaring is going to be. This has got a lot to do with the task for today. I can show you the cloud bases. That's going to say 15,500’, and thermal strengths 7.5 knots is going to be the average that this thing's going to tell you, but the bottom line is this is where the storms are going to be. You want to keep this in mind when you're flying around this area, and I think that's pretty much where the task area is going to be. Having said that, do we have any questions about the weather?


Daniel Sazhin:

Because of the very uncertain weather today, and the lots of little showers, and storms developing in various different places, there's no very clear direction or very clear way to set a task that would work out very well. We just can't look at the weather in the morning and have a good sense as to what would make a good race. The best we could do today is give you guys the option to choose where you're going to go and make those decisions. 

For the low performance contest, we're going to use an open MAT with a maximum of five turn points. We're going to start nominally with task A with three hours. As time goes on, we may ... On the grid we may back this off, depending upon how late we get started. There's a maximum of five turn points. It's not 10 or 11 which is the maximum if it's just not assigned. We're trying to avoid having people just going up and down, up and down, yo-yoing on three points. In doing so we'll make it more consistent with OLC which has only a maximum of five.

Maximum start height is 13,000 feet; minimum finish is 8,000 feet. 
Low performance only?

That's for the low performance.

For the 126 folks we're going to use the new task. It's going to have maximum time of 3.5 hours. You do not need to use the whole maximum time. In doing so this actually makes it a genuine distance task. You decide how far you're going to go and how long the conditions will last today. 

There's also a maximum of five turn points. As a reminder the turn points are one mile and you must have an intervening point in between just like on an AT. If you have any questions about this feel free to see me and I will let you know exactly what you need to do, afterwards. 

What's the that?

Isn't it two intervening points?

It's one point that's in between. I'll show you on the map, one second.

The start point is going to be 006 start south. The finish point is 002 finish. You can choose five points along the way. For instance, you may choose 019 Chilalee or Mosca Peak, or Sedillo Hill. The thing that you cannot do, in both classes, is for instance you cannot go with 029 Mosca, 023 Sedillo, 029 Mosca. You would have to have Chilalee in between. You would go 029 Mosca, Chilalee, Sedillo Hill and then Mosca, Chilalee and Sedillo Hill, for instance. You can't just yo-yo back and forth between two points. If you have any questions about this, if anyone's not familiar with MAT rules, see me afterwards. 

That's that. 

Chuck Lohre



Google Drive tinyurl.com/126Champs

Posted: 5/31/2019


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