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2019 Region 2 - Final Report

This year Mifflin was blessed with the best week of soaring weather so far this season.  The four contest days were mostly ridge, but there was also some thermal flying including on the no-contest days.  We will take it!

Thanks to the pilots, crews, and volunteers for a safe and successful contest.




18m: First - John Seymour [SM], Second - Tim Welles [W3], Third - John Murray [LX]

15m: First - Sean Murphy [XC], Second - Glen Kelley [91], Third - Shane Neitzey [9Y]

Sports: First - Heinz Weissenbuehler [HW], Second - Jake Barnes [PP], Third - Roman Michalowski [U]


T8 Evan Ludeman's 1000K flight on Friday Day 3 earned him the Mifflin Trophy for the longest (handicapped) distance flown during the contest, 566.20 miles.  We suspect he will hold the top spot among Mifflin Trophy winners for years to come!


BIG THANKS to the volunteers who make up Team Mifflin.  We are a small group, but we get a lot done!:

CM - Janine Acee

CD - Marshall McClung

Scoring - Rick Fuller

Weather - Richard Kellerman

Start/Finish Gate - Jacquie Doherty

Towing - Brian Glick, Haven Goulding, Noah Reitter, Phil Chidekel

Tow Planes - Gene Glick, Karl Striedieck, Harris Hill Soaring Corp

Ground Ops and Line: Steve Glick, Austin Glick, Nikki Glick, Fred Winter, Chris Groshel, Paul Weeden, Kaitlyn Glick, Evan Kownurko

Retrieve Office - Becky Thompson, Lianne Groshel

Trailers/RV/Camping - Chris Groshel, Fred Winter

Meals/Appetizers/Decorations - Lisa Glick, Dawn Glick, Gene Glick, Al and Susan Narehood, Iris Mittendorf

Dinner Music - David Bargainnier, Dawn Glick

Morning Coffee and Donuts - Chris and Lianne Groshel

Beverages and Beer Club - Chris Groshel, Fred Winter

Registration - Janine Acee, Iris Mittendorf

Reporting - Janine Acee, Brian Glick

Photographer - Bo Michalowski

Pre-Contest Notifications - Peppi Sare

Awards - Janine Acee, Karl Striedieck

New ceiling-mounted projector for Pilots Meetings - Fred Winter

Spectator Board - Peppi Sare

Welcome Sign - Chris Groshel, Frank Banas

Parachute Re-packs - Nate Wagner

Lunch Concession - Harry Leach

Pre-Contest Clubhouse Cleanup - Iris Mittendorf, Lianne and Chris Groshel, Fred Winter, Janine Acee, Haven Goulding, Peppi Sare, Frank Banas, Becky Thompson, David Bargainnier

Gift Certificates/Prizes - Brookmere Winery, Hungry Run Winery, Squire Browns, Brindels Hardware, Stonefly Cafe, Sheetz

Special thanks to the Mifflin County Airport Authority for their support.

Posted: 5/26/2019


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