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2019 Region 2 - Day 1

Greetings race fans,

So the day dawned here at Mifflin with the swirl of a ridge day in the air. The ships were all out early and the pilots were excited as they went through the preparations. The pilots meeting fires and the advisors meeting followed. The forecast looked good for a big task but the sky was spitting milky overcast our way. 2 classes were sent on 4 hour tasks with Sport at 3 hours. I was absent from the field most of the morning due to a previous very important commitment, but I had my eye on the sky all morning. As I drove in at 11 AM all was hustle and bustle. A quick stop at the burger shack and I head for the towplane. I hear a few moans of pessimism as people were looking at the sky and had a large mis trust in the forecast.

At the grid meeting at noon, esteemed English weather guru, QV stands up and says “don’t worry, the satellite loop shows this breaking up and the air is unstable and good” The meeting broke up and for 1 of the few times at Mifflin, the CD said launch the sniffer and don’t stop. We launched the entire fleet in about 40 minutes and every class stayed on the original task.

There were only 2 land outs and everyone I talked to said it was just a good solid ridge day.

The evening was followed by a meal and lots of liquid refreshment. I am not sure what tomorrow brings, but today is in the books.


Reporting from Mifflin

Brian Glick

Posted: 5/21/2019


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