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2019 Region 2 - Coulda Shoulda Woulda

Hi race fans,

Well the grass is all cut and the tie downs are full, so the race begins at Mifflin…….or not. The potential first day pilots meeting was short and sweet although CD Marshal Mc Clung did have a very fitting tribute to Karl Striedieck. Marshal chose this morning to highlight a man that never wants the lime light but has been a real innovator in this sport. Marshal pointed out to all assembled that Karl literally pioneered ridge flights. As I sat there and listened, I thought back to an interview that George Moffat did for the film “A fine week in soaring”. As the dean of yester year soaring, George states that when the old hands all heard what Karl was doing in a glider that was the equivalent to a model T Ford, quite frankly we flat could not believe it. The kudos were well taken by all and well deserved.

The advisors met for a meeting after the morning meeting and based on the forecast they delayed moving to the grid from 10:30 TO 11:30. The forecast called for frontal passage at 2 PM and after looking at it again the CD decided to call the day at 11:30 but anyone that wanted to fly could very well do so. I ran around the field trying to make a bet for a case of beer to anyone who thought SM would NOT take a tow. Not a soul would touch that. True to form John told me that 12:35 looked good to him. We enjoyed burgers and a little dessert and I got the trusty 180 out of the barn at about 12:45. When I rounded the corner and had a clear view of the launch area, several others had beaten SM to the runway. We made 6 tows on the day and all had a nice time.

After talking to Mr. Seymour and looking at several of the traces, it was clear that the weather broke our way much sooner than the forecast called for. I estimate that the frontal passage was more in line with noon than 2 PM. By the time we launched at 1 the conditions were much better than predicted and some believed that a fair and safe race could have been had. Hind sight is ALWAYS 20\20 and we have people nearly going blind today. This is not a criticism at all, the CD and task advisors have the toughest job this sport can ever imagine and not many complained at all.

Tomorrow looks to be a ridge day and the next couple look good so all will easily be healed. Wish us all much luck and many fun flight hours.


Reporting from Mifflin

Brian Glick


Posted: 5/20/2019


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