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Region 4 North - Stormy Weather...

Buenos días. Here’s a recap for October 10.

At the morning brief, weather-guesser Richard Kellerman (QV) prognosticated the day to be “not horrible but rather troubled.” Prediction for 1 to 2K of lift to 3K MSL (~2.5K AGL) but winds SSW at 25K. The winds were the “troubled” part. In the end, I don’t think I saw that strong of a wind rather I was seeing more like 15K max. This made the day more manageable and a number of folks got around the circuit. 

All 3 classes got in a day. At the October 11 Pilot’s meeting the daily winners recounted their strategies:

18M Daily winner John Semour (SM) recounted it to be the “usual low level mission”. His tactic was to stay high and not go too deep into the 1st turn point which would have necessitated a lot of effort to beat back into the headwind on the way to the 2nd TP.

FAI winner was Baude Litt (LBL) who also had the fastest raw speed for the day. Baude’s day started poorly but steadily improved. He found 3K lift on course. At one point getting low he spied a falcon doing steep wingovers with no seeming intention of climbing. Heading over to the raptor Baude was greeted with a 3K climb. Baude performed a lovely “runway inspection” finish. Christiane Litt remarked “The caged lion is now happy”.


Sport Class winner was Karl with Pepe in the back (KS). The dynamic-duo started the mission by ridge soaring College Mountain waiting for a good climb to get situated. Karl stated that it was a tough day and that he could not have done it if he had 1 inch less wingspan.

Each of the winners applied that new rule that allows starting at the back of the 5 mile start circle.

Today, October 11  was called due to weather; we are under the influence of Tropical Storm Michael. We do not expect any serious inclement conditions other than rain and perhaps a thunderstorm. Various activities being discussed included heading to town to catch a movie. It was decided that good movies all shared certain themes those being space-travel, time-travel or dinosaurs. Not sure which space/time/dinosaur movie they went to see.

Yours truly retreated back to Baltimore to attend a Steely Dan concert ( www.steelydanofficial.com ) at the Lyric Theatre ( www.modell-lyric.com ). I have it on good word that they will perform an encore paying homage to Tim Wells (W3)… you know the song… “Don’t want to do it without the FES on, oh no” Laughing ( www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdNWfZZN6Ho )

Overnight we should still see that cold front passage bringing in strong NW winds which “should” allow for a ridge day. Pilots’ meeting and grid have all been scheduled for an hour earlier than normal. The trick tomorrow is for the winds to not be out-of-bounds velocity wise and lift good enough to allow for the 25 mile upwind slog to get to the ridges. Wave does not look favorable until late in the day. Check back tomorrow for the (hopefully up-high) low-down!

Posted: 10/11/2018


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