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Region 4 North - Pea Soup...

Dzień dobry. Here’s a recap of October 9. It took a while for the pea soup to clear leaving us with low CU but sunlight was filtering through. Two sniffers were sent up. The broken lift and wind conspired to confound the inaugural effort and the sniffers landed in short order (but not after a couple of valiant climbs.) A short while later, another attempt was made this time towing straight out to some clouds over the town of Emmitsburg. Things were more solid there with a slow climb to CB at 2.5K AGL. The wind had abated a bit still out of the SW but now down to 10K. Staying elevated was now not a problem but a high cirrus deck was forming high over the CU. After a sniffer-sticking half hour, Marshall started launching the fleet. That’s right about when that high cirrus overcast cooled things enough. The existing working CU starting looking sad… and the landbacks started. Day was called and free flying started. Things brightened up after a while but it was too late to get in a task. Reports from the free flyers after 4:00 pm were that the conditions turned on and were pleasant.


We were hosted last night by Karen and John Machamer at their hangar for a Chili Dinner with all of the fixins. The Machamer’s hangar is just chock full of very interesting aviation-centric historical pieces. John also has a beautifully restored Davis and Super Cub that we all ogled over. Good times; thanks John and Karen!


Reviewing the numbers from Day 1, it looks like the FAI class got a day in. So we have 1 day for 18M and FAI.


Today, Oct 10, the CD is launching the Sports Class first in an attempt to get them their first day in. Conditions today look tricky with light lift and breezy conditions. We will give it a go and see what unfolds. Tomorrow we will likely need to batten-the-hatches in anticipation of the remnants of Hurricane Michael. A cold front passes overnight Thursday with Friday shaping up to be a ridge day. Saturday is also shaping up nicely.


Grid at 11:45 am with Pilot’s meeting at noon. We’ll see how it goes. Come back for an update!


Posted: 10/10/2018


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