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Region 4 North - October 8, Recap...

Guten Tag race fans! The wake up weather for the past few mornings has presented as “Fifty Shades of Grey (fog)”.  Regardless the sun has been consistent and (eventually) posting although tardier than ideal. 

Day 1 Eighteen Meter winner was Erik Mann (P3). Erik recounted his winning strategy which centered around using the gas-fired power plant located a few miles to the east of the town of Gettysburg. Don’t look for it on a sectional as it’s not marked so it really does not exist in this dimension. Regardless Eric was able to use this nonexistent thermal generator for 3 circuits.  On the first pass, the thermal presented as 1K. Eric found 3 K on his second pass boosting him to the nose-bleed height of 4K AGL. His thrid pass presented as 5K to 3.5K AGL. When it’s working, the power plant acts like a “Blow torch in a dark room” and when it’s not, well, there are suitable fields around; Karl (KS) and Baude (LBL) can point them out for you. Chip Bearden (JB) reported 6K at the power plant. Chip and Eric are starting a support group for pilots diagnosed with STD (“Synthetic Thermal Disorder”.)

It was noted at the pilot’s meeting that M-ASA’s own Tom Jones (OB) flew his first contest task on Day 1. A rousing round of applause ensured. Good job and best wishes for the remainder of the meet go out to Tom.

On the grid the sun was very lazy waking up and did not peek out from the clouds until about 1:00 pm. I guess El Sol didn’t like what it saw and hit snooze for a bit more time over the covers. At 2:00 pm, CD Marshall Mcclung called the day but a number of pilots, not wanting to waste gap seal tape, took “sport” tows and free flew. Everyone who took tows stuck and reported CB at 2K AGL. 

With all of this moisture in the air the late afternoon and sunset sky has been quite spectacular. The sun is working very hard at lighting up the remaining clouds and blow-off tops resulting in truly gorgeous colors and textures. I’m thinking if the sun didn’t work so hard it might be better rested and able to get up a bit earlier for us. That would be a welcome tradeoff. 

This Tuesday morning, while still foggy, I perceive a “Brighter Shade of Pale” than yesterday. Pilot’s meeting at 10:00 am. I’m off to rig. Check back later gang. 



Posted: 10/9/2018


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