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Region 4 North - Practice Day Recap

Welcome to the final tournament of the 2018 Contest season being held at the lovely Mid-Atlantic Soaring Association near Fairfield PA. Today was the official practice day. Lou McDonald (LM) practiced putting on contest numbers. John Seymour (SM) practiced rolling his fuselage in and out of the trailer. Ross Clements (pilot in training) practiced his RC soaring skills with his FES-inspired Styrofoam glider. You get the picture. Low ceilings and the occasional cloud “spit” favored terrestrial rather than aerial activities. Never-the-less the promise of improving conditions over the next few days kept the growing crowd inspired. Or maybe it was the promise of the Bratwurst dinner scheduled for 6:30? We had two 6 burner grills going and that could barely keep up with the throng of hungry pilots, family and friends (and extended friends). Served up at this popular annual event is a smorgasbord of brauts (www.binkerts.com), beans, kraut, “Tin Potatoes” (Sandi Love’s secret recipe), pies (www.fenwickbakery.com) all washed down with local beer (we like beer.) Everyone was happy and satiated even given the non-flying outcome today.


Tomorrow is the first scheduled contest day. It will likely be foggy in the morning but the afternoon promises to be contestable. Check back for the rousing racing report.

Posted: 10/6/2018


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