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15-Meter and Open Class Nationals - Contest Day 6 AM report

Final Day 15M/Open Class Nats:  Mark Keene on todays weather.   Cirrus to NW, sliding to SW.  It could become in play later.  Southern area for tasks.  Thermals 3000/4000 feet at 1pm, but gets better as the afternoon progresses, again in the SW.   Sky Site shows 4/5 knots about 12:30 and gets better in the southern part.  Pessimistic up in the NW. NAM is pessimistic about stuff coming from the NW later in the day.   Winds at Laredo 9mph up to 18mph.   Seabreeze doesn’t look to be a factor.
CD John Lubon:  Expecting things to get going sooner with more clouds….1st turn to south to get into good area.  If we have to deal with cirrus that might or might not come in later, perhaps may influence decision to head out early.  Don’t dilly dally.  3 hr. Area tasks both classes.

Posted: 8/19/2018


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