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15-Meter and Open Class Nationals - Contest Day 3 Am report

15M/Open Class Nats., Uvalde, Tx. Interim CD, Mark Keene. Yesterday’s thought that it would be a little bit better than it was and watching the tracker, especially 15M it looks like you were following streets.  I know it wasn’t as good as Uvalde can be.  
!5M winner Sean Fidler and Opens, Dick Butler, both found soft spots and good stuff on their tasks yesterday.  Dick hooked up with the Holighaus Strasse from Laredo to Eagle Pass.  
Today’s wx. Looking at the result of the 5 day rainfall, the soft conditions found yesterday were soft…drying up, but still somewhat wet.   Today looks a little weak at 1pm, but a little tough getting up early.  As the day goes on, it gradually gets better and better from the SE.  Looking at 7000 ft and maybe higher.  Not good enough to send to Hill country yet.  So SE part of the task area is going to be best.  Sky Sight shows similar and we’ll play in that area all day long. Racing tasks:  15 M  301miles, Opens 316 miles. 
Don’t see sea breeze today and a finish line will be in effect again.
I'm sitting in our RV at 11:30 with overcast strato cu.  typical Uvalde wx.  Grid time is noon, expect launches may be a little later than the usual 12:30.  Opens to launch first.

https://www.facebook.com/SoaringSocietyofAmerica/ for pix, etc.

Leigh Zimmerman

Posted: 8/16/2018


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