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Region 3 Sports Class - Wednesday August 4, 2018

Saturday, August 4, 2018:


Today was the first contest day for the Club Class Nationals and a practice day for the Region 3 Sports Class. We were given the weather briefing by Phill Chidekel at this morning’s pilots meeting. Phill noted cloudbases of 5,500 ft MSL with areas of over development possible. His forecast was spot on and it was obvious that some stepped in holes and others had great flights. We found areas that were completely overdeveloped and raining and other areas going at gang busters with lift at 5 + knots on the average. The TAT task was called as 17 Hammondsport Airport, 30 Greenwood, 51 Coye, 22 Avoca and return with a 3 hour task. Minimum of 72 NM and max of 209 NM.  An interesting note is that poor Richard Kaleta, FZ, mixed up his turnpoint order and went from Hammondsort to Coye. He unfortunately flew thru the heavy rain showers and was forced down at Middlesex Airstrip. He didn’t realize that he went the wrong way until he called the retrieve office and they couldn’t figure out how he flew out that way so early in the day. It looks like Hank Nixon won the day flying his ASW 28 145 miles with a speed of 47.47 mph. The handicap speed was 43.43 mph and a handicap distance of 133 miles. Second was Phill Chidekel flying a Glasflugel 401 Kestrel with a handicap speed of 43.13 mph over 139.20 handicap miles. We should have flyable weather for the next  couple of days. John Seymour wins the Region 3 Sports Contest practice day in his ASG 29-15m The Region 3 Sports Class first contest day is tomorrow.



Tim Hanke


Posted: 8/4/2018


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