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2018 Club Class Nationals - Friday, August 10, 2018

Friday, August 10, 2018:


At the morning pilots meeting the weather forecast showed improved conditions but looked like it would take a while to clear up and get going. The grid time was set at 12:30 pm in lieu of our normal 11:30 am grid. XA was launched at 1:30 pm as a sniffer and struggled to get much higher than release altitude. After about a half an hour he only climbed to 3,500 ft MSL and the day was canceled. A majority of the competition pilots took a tow and flew anyway. Several flew the previous set task and completed the task. The weather actually got very good around 3 pm with cloudstreets to 4,500 ft to 5,000 ft. It took a while but the lift was also 4.5 knots or more.  We would have definitely got a day in but no one ever knows what will happen.  


I was awarded the flamingo hat for my flight the day before for that resulted in a  landout at an elevation of 2,400 ft MSL in the town of Rexville, NY. When I landed in the field, I set a pin to my crew and realized that one of my co-workers, Randy, was the town Supervisor. I called Randy and he was out of town at a construction site but offered to send his wife to the field to greet me. He knew who the farmer was that owned the field. When he couldn’t get ahold of his wife, he sent a good friend. The friend and his daughter had the farmer’s family numbers and called to get permission to drive up the “goat path” that went straight up a hill and thru three fields. It really is a small world.


We all enjoyed a great Pulled Pork Diner hosted by the Finger Lakes Soaring Club last evening.


As I write this morning, the front backed up overnight and it is raining. Not looking good today.



Tim Hanke




Posted: 8/10/2018


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