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2018 Club Class Nationals - Thursday, August 9, 2018

Thursday, August 9, 2018:


After two days of rain, we looked forward to a nice day with winds NW and less humidity. The forecast was provided as 3 knots to 5,500 ft MSL. The Club Class was assigned a TAT task of 3 hours with turnpoints of 26 Prattsburg (12 mile radius), 30 Greenwood (12 mile radius, 50 Swain Ski Area (10 mile radius), 16 Jolmatra (15 mile radius) and return. Minimum distance of 49.92 miles and a maximum distance of 226 miles. Conditions took a little while to dry out as the launch occurred and it took a while for some to climb up. The first leg to Prattsburg went well under nice streets resulting to very little circling at 5,500 ft cloudbase. As we went across to Greenwood clouds became more sparse and cycled quickly with the elevation of the ground rising in this area. We had a several landouts in this leg. This included myself. The hayfield I landed in was at elevation 2,400 ft MSL. Looking east the cloundstreets were still there and those that got back under them had a good flights making use of them. Hank Nixon wins the day flying his ASW 28, 143.5 miles at 47.92 mph. His handicap speed was 43.58 mph over 130.49 handicap miles. Phil Chidekel gets second flying the Kestrel 38.88 handicap mph over 123.39 handicap miles.


Overall Hank Nixon is in the lead after 4 days with Phil Chidekel in second place.


For the Region 3 Sports Class, the same turnpoints were used with a 2 hour task. Peter Scarpelli wins the day flying his ASG 29 123.32 miles at 60.09 mph. The handicap miles of 106.52 at 51.91 mph. Sean Murphy is second in his Ventus 2b at 46.18 mph handicap over 103.09 miles. We only had two landouts in the Sports Class.


Peter Scarpelli remains in the lead after two contest days with Sean Murphy in second place.


We have another front going thru the area tonight and hope for another few days of flying.  




Tim Hanke




Posted: 8/9/2018


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