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2018 Club Class Nationals - Monday, August 6, 2018 Report

Monday, August 6, 2018:


Today’s forecast called for 5,500 ft MSL with potential of T-storms to the north of the field. The morning flamingo award went to George Hanke for landing in a alfa alfalfa field where the farmer wouldn’t let him drive the trailer into the field. He called the airport for additional help to push the Discus A out of the 2,000 ft long field in the 93 degree heat. Hank Nixon, Andy Brayer, Rachel Conklin, and Lee Harriosn all helped out. So George, he was awarded the hat for his endeavors.  Today’s TAT task called for 17 Hammondsport,  41 Alfred, 57 Seven Gullies, 22 Avoca, and return with 10 mile radius’s on each turnpoint. The minimum distance was 55.74 miles and a maximum of 201.17 miles over a 3 hour task.  Club Class launched and immediately and climbed to 5,000 ft at the south end of the airport. The task opened and the club class was off with a group of 8 flying down to Hammondsport and halfway to Alfred. Things got interesting when clouds disappeared SW of Alfred. We ended up losing a few of the guys into fields in this area. We were lucky with a good climb to almost 7,000 ft near Hornell and then we had to enter the huge Storm to nick the Seven Gullies turnpoint cylinder. As OH and I entered that turn we knew we had to glide in and out quickly and yet try hit the cylinder for Avoca. As we got to the Loon Lake area we were able to get 1 knot and meet up with RW. Then the lift increased to 4.5 knots to 6,000 ft as we ran a beautiful street to Hammondsport. When we turned to glide back it became very apparent that the Dansville Airport was under a huge T-storm.  As we were on final glide we could see heavy rain at the airport and huge lightning bolts over Wayland. The CD called a 5 mile safety finish.  Several had the opportunity to still land in the rain and others were able to wait it out. Rysard Krolikowski wins the day in his SZD 55 flying 148.45 miles at a speed of 46.08 mph. This provided him with a handicap speed of 43 mph over 140.29 handicap miles. Hank Nixon was second with 41.63 mph handicapped and 126.33 miles handicapped.


Overall Hank Nixon is winning the Club Class contest with Rysard Krolikowski in second place.


In the Region 3 Sports Class, task was the same with 2 hours. The Sports Class was launched avoiding showers at the end of the north end which makes things interesting.  Peter Scarpelli wins the day in his ASG 29- 18 flying  51.75 mph over 103.39 miles. This was 44.47 mph over 89.31 handicap miles. Sean Murphy was second flying his Ventus 2B – 18 42.19 mph over 89.31 handicap miles.  


Sean Murphy continues to win the Region 3 Sports Class with Peter Scarpelli in second place.


Tomorrow might be a rain day but we will have to wait and see.



Tim Hanke



Posted: 8/6/2018


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