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2018 Club Class Nationals - Sunday, August 5, 2018

Sunday, August 5, 2018:


Today was the second contest day for the Club Class Nationals and a first contest day for the Region 3 Sports Class. The day started with the flamingo award going to David McMaster for off landing on the practice day, getting a ride to the airport, and never notifying the retrieve office that he outlanded. Poor David had to run around with the flamingo hat all day until he was ready to fly. The forecast was similar to yesterday with 5,500 ft MSL cloudbases and less cu’s. The task was set as 16 Jolmatra Airstrip, 50 Swain Ski Area, 17 Hammondsport, 35 Hornell Airport, and return with 10 mile radius’s on all points. The 2.5 hour task had a minimum distance of 50.86 and a maximum of 190.76 Lee Harrison volunteered to be the sniffer and launched at 12:30 pm and reported hanging in there at 3,000 MSL. The Club Class was launched at 1:00 pm and struggled with the early launches and relights. The day finally started  to develop with cu’s just south of the airport with cloudbases of 5,000 ft MSL. Several club class pilots started when the gate opened around 1:50 pm and wondered out into the blue sky. There were good number that ran down in the blue sky to Jolmatra. After leaving that turnpoint the group split up and started to see nice clouds as they approached Hornell on the way to Swain. Good cu continued down to Bath and now it was time to jump back to the clouds over Hornell again. It was a simple blast home after this. We had three field landouts today. Ryszard Krolikowski wins the day flying his SZD 55 for 114.47 miles at 45.48 mph. The handicap speed was 42.98 mph over 108.17 handicap miles. Tim Hanke (myself) finishes second in his Discus 2a flying 40.93 mph over 102.33 handicap miles.  Overall Hank Nixon leads the contest with Phil Chidekel right behind him only by 50 points.


In the Region 3 Sports Class, task was similar with 2 hours and Avoca in lieu of Hammondsport.  Sean Murphy wins the day in his f Ventus 2B,  flying 53.98 mph over 107.73 miles. This was 46.63 mph over 91.87 handicap miles. Peter Scarpelli was second flying his ASG 29 – 18 44.04 mph over 88.06 handicap miles.


Hopefully, we will be back at it tomorrow.



Tim Hanke



Posted: 8/5/2018


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